Sirena Apartments
Sirena Apartments

Island of the everlasting spring

There are many reasons why Gran Canaria is a popular spot for visitors from all over Europe. Probably the best known and best reason is the wonderful climate of the island.

This is partly the reason that many people spend all or a large part of the year here.

Gran Canaria, with an area of 1560 km2, is the second largest island of the archipelago. The island is located in the Atlantic Ocean and has different climates. Green forests, exotic fauna and flora, magnificent dunes, bizarre rock formations, volcanic craters, sometimes snow on the highest peaks, lush valleys, a dynamic capital city, beautiful coastlines and spectacular beaches, offer a generous variety.

When you arrive in the south, you will be greeted by sun and heat. It may be raining in Las Palmas and in the mountains, while to the south the sun is shining and it's warm 35 C º.

If you have a rent a car and take the route through the mountains from Mogan to the west coast, are a wild, natural experience. It is perhaps the most arid landscape of the island, but so different, colorful and beautiful that it takes your breath away.

Sirena Apartments

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